Boston 2024

The goal of the Boston2024 digital campaign was to not only inspire the city of Boston to host a global Olympic event, but to also actively engage the community with the planning process. The stunning site needed to appeal to the public today, as well as inspire the children who would become tomorrow’s 2024 Olympians.

Mobile Design

Accessible to All

Boston2024 can be seen on any device, making it accessible to all users, which is critical in building community support for a future Olympic event. Multiple social media platforms are featured prominently to engage audiences so that Boston2024’s message can have a greater reach.

Desktop Design

The Boston2024 homepage engages audiences across all generations, locally and globally.  As an outreach tool, the site served to distribute information about the bid and how it would impact the Greater Boston area. We worked closely with Hill Holiday to obtain the branding and video assets for this unique modular design that incorporates a fully-responsive social media grid. The parallax scrolling and animated transitions showcase the ever-changing content that serves as a hub for community engagement.


Max Luckey | Project Management
Christen Dute | Art Direction
Justin Meddaugh | Front End Development
Daniel MillerFront End Development
Nicole Snow | Back End Development