The goal of WomenCount is to elect more progressive women to state and federal offices, engage new donors, and amp up political participation. Liberty built a customized fundraising platform that is modern, stylish, and easy to use.

Mobile Design

Mobile Friendly Design

More and more political contributions are being made through mobile devices, making it imperative that WomenCount’s fundraising platform’s mobile interface allows users to find and add candidates to their cart and then checkout.

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Desktop Design

WomenCount’s new site is sophisticated and modern, with a bright palette and modular design. The featured slates highlight candidates by issue or cause, streamlining the political donation process. In order to increase competition, a leaderboard showcases the teams who have garnered the highest contributions and the most donors.  


Becca Connors | Project Management
Christen Dute | Art Direction
Kristina Ng | UX Design
Patricia Quintin | Front End Development
Nikki SnowBack End Development

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