Opportunity Nation

Opportunity Nation needed a way to visualize and promote their mission: to expand opportunity and upward mobility across the United States. To achieve this, we designed a modern, approachable advocacy site geared to quickly explain the problem, the solution, and draw off-site engagement through email lists and social media.

Mobile Design

Mobile Engagement

Opportunity Nation sports a fully responsive framework, with a targeted content strategy delivered to mobile users. The mobile experience allows users to quickly understand the mission and get involved through conference registration, email signup, and social media.

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Desktop Design

Project Details

The challenge of Opportunity Nation was to quickly deliver a complicated message and urge user action. The mission to improve opportunity in America entails fighting the entrenched reality that where you grow up often dictates your success in life. We underwent a two-phase process to show this by developing both the advocacy site and a tool to visualize the geographic disparity in the US — the Opportunity Index. The end result is a cohesive web presence that can reach multiple audiences on any device.


Max Luckey | Project Management/Strategy
Christen Dute | Art Direction/Design
Deja Augustine | Back End Development
Pat Quintin | Front End Development

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